About Everything In Place Please

Thanks for visiting my blog! I decided to start The EverythingInPlacePlease blog because I  am a bit of an organizing freak & have a VERY small apartment - so having Everything in it's place is absolutely critical to my sanity!   I also have so many projects to do with my apartment and my life & want to track (and share) my progress.

I started this blog to post largely about organization and small space living ideas, but I don't guarantee that an occasional food related, dog loving, ranch living, Montana town, fitness, business, studying, college, or graduate school related post won't creep in.  I love to write & strive to make this blog something that I enjoy writing, as well as something that you will find interesting, and useful.  

In fact; I plan to write about food a lot.  Not only do I eat, but I enjoy cooking & live with a man who loves to eat too! 

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