Friday, May 30, 2014

Breakfast Burritos

For this week's favorite recipe - I'm going to share with you what I did over the Memorial Day Holiday!   Having Monday off from work offered some time at home, and  I recreated my Breakfast Burritos!

 This allows me time in the morning, especially if I bring the burrito with me to work! These take some prep-time, but they are an easy go-to breakfast.   The original idea came from Pinterest (of course!) although I can't find the original pin right now.  I will link to it later if I come across it again!  This one is similar

I've made these burritos before using sausage, and bacon, this time decided to try using thick cut pepper bacon!  I like this version better, but it really is a personal preference.

I use smaller 8" tortillas that you can buy at the local supermarket or Wal-Mart for about $5 per 48 shells.  These shells are not whole wheat like the ones that we use for tacos in our home, but they work well for reheating as they are just a little thicker.  I have found that freezing tortillas works best with flour based ones, but feel free to do what works best for your family.

Since I had some spare time on Memorial Day that I did not have to work (thank you Holidays!), I cooked all of these in the morning while H was at the gym and I had the house to myself.   I personally prefer to cook all of the ingredients first and place them in mixing bowls on the counter before assembling them.   I tend to do 2 or 3 different "sets" as I go, so that I can cook the bacon and hash-browns a little slower.

my messy (in process) kitchen!
Here is what you will need for approximately 30 burritos:
  • tortilla shells 
  • 1 large package of hash-browns
  • a dozen eggs 
  • 2 lb package of bacon (I prefer thick-cut pepper)
  • *cheese*  (I forgot this step, so I've been adding it in as I microwave them)
Step 1:  Cook hash-browns, eggs, & bacon 

Step 2:  As you finish small batches of each type of breakfast food, place them in mixing bowls
(I used layers of paper towel to drain excess oil/water from the foods in between my small batches) 

Step 3:  Lay out Saran-wrap (plastic wrap) on the counter, then place a tortilla on top
 (don't do this until you are ready to wrap them, or the tortillas get dried out and don't close as nicely)

Step 4:  Add a small amount of each ingredient to the shells - (and DON'T forget the cheese like I did)

Step 5: Wrap & repeat

After everything was wrapped, I put the burritos into freezer bags and placed them in the freezer.  

When you are ready to eat them, I suggest taking them out of the plastic wrap and wrapping them in a paper towel, putting them in the microwave for approximately 1 minute on each side.  Since the ingredients are already completely cooked, you just have to heat them until warmed through.   Because I forgot to add in cheese (oops) I have to put the cheese in each time I microwave them... DARN! 

Everything in Place Please

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