Sunday, July 13, 2014

$20 Survival Start Dollar Store - (Survival Series Part II)

For today's Deals & Steals post, I am going to begin the second post in my Survival Series.

As I've mentioned before, we are on a budget, and preparing for an emergency is going to have to be done $20 at a time.   I have committed to setting aside $20 in my monthly budget for stocking up on our emergency kit items.  For this first month, I decided to go to the dollar store and get some of the basic necessities: (20 items for $20)
Not bad for my first haul, huh?

 For the sake of storage, we will be keeping our supplies in these under-bed plastic storage boxes.  (these were left-over from our bedroom reorganization around the new year) For now, I have decided that one will have food supplies, and the other will contain everything non-food.  We have a separate small plastic bin for medicines and medical supplies.

As you can see, so far the food container only has noodle-meals (just add water, and they keep forever) and granola bars (I chose the ones with peanut butter since they had the highest calorie count which is important in a survival situation).

The supply bin has a few more items of interest:
  • knives
  • strong plastic silverware 
  • rope
  • lighters & matches 
  • plastic bags 
  • can openers
  • vegetable peelers 
  • Aluminum Foil
  • Duct Tape 
  • clothes pins 
  • notebooks (leftovers from college classes, just tore out the used pages and put the remainder in here)
I  will be storing them in the empty space behind our pantry in the entryway of our barn-style home.
They are behind the laundry hamper (you can just see the lid)

All of these items cost only $1, and are a wonderful addition to our emergency supply kit/survival kit.  I will update you all soon as we continue to make a plan for the worst-case-scenario. 

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