Saturday, April 5, 2014

A general outline of this blog

I know that one of the more important things about an organizational blog is organization!   (Ground shattering ... right?)

So in that vein,  I'd like to let you know a rough plan for how I'm planning on proceeding with this blog:
  • Wednesdays  - Brain Book Posts
    • "Hump Day" seems like a good day for this! 
  • Thursdays - Technology Tips 
    • I make a living with technology - so I will be passing on some of my better tips to you
  • Fridays  - Favorite Recipes! 
    • Fridays are my favorite day of the week, so Fridays will be my favorite recipes! 
  • Weekends  - projects, series, top 10's, DIY's, small space living, organizing - etc. 
    • These will be the longer posts - and they often take more time to write and to prep; so they are best on the weekends! 

I think these general ideas will help with consistency and readability! 

If you are wondering about the first two days of the week - here's my reasoning behind leaving those days off!
  • Mondays and Tuesdays - no posts or guests posts
    • Mondays are usually very busy for me; so I am not planning on posting on Mondays
    • Tuesdays are almost always an athletic game for me - this summer it will be soccer night

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