Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Brain Book 4/2/14


        Since I am still working on getting all of the pictures & Documents ready for my first few organizational posts:  I thought I'd share my BrainBook for today!  -

         Some of you are probably wondering what exactly a BrainBook is, and I'm sure that somewhere out there is a definition that varies slightly from mine; but my BrainBook is a collection of the things that I am looking at and reading right at the moment for the sake of inspiration/motivation/entertainment.  It is also something that I am constantly adding to via Pinterest, where one of my boards is named "BrainBook".
My other saving grace with the amount of information out there is Pocket (formerly ReaditLater).
Pocket saves my brain BIG TIME!  It has a really useful feature where you can save webpages to read later - Much like Pinterest, but for reading the whole webpage.  It is very easily accessible from my home (where I don't have  the world's most reliable internet connection).  I can read it right from my KindleFire as long as I remember to update it where I have a more reliable internet connection!

      You will see my KindleFire mentioned again in one of my later posts about my 10 favorite things!

      Okay, enough chit-chat:  on to today's BrainBook:

  • Recipe Cards (free printable!) //

       Leave me your ideas for things I should fill my BrainBook with!  I look forward to hearing your suggestions; and helping to move all of us forward into a more organized life! 

Everything In Place Please 

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