Saturday, April 12, 2014

Top 10 - Organizing!

Yes, I know; an organizing blog with a top 10 list of organizing essentials, but this list is full of things I absolutely could not be organized without.  In fact, I'd dare to say that this blog would not exist without these top 10 items!


#1 Password Book 

  • This is my brain saver super hero!  The one that I use I got from Amazon, and I absolutely love it!  This is one thing I could not live without (it even has it's own pocket in my purse).  
  • I have a lot of passwords between my work and home websites; and I try to keep them all different, so the password book is extremely helpful
  • *tip* this particular book has a line for password "hint" - use it instead of writing out your passwords, as a written record of all of your passwords could be disastrous if you ever lost it. 

Click Here to link to Amazon for the password organizer I use! (photo also from Amazon)
#2 sticky notes 
  • I have sticky note fever!  I use both paper versions of these stickies, but also a desktop version for my work and home computers!
The 4 main colors I use 

#3 Binders (the 3 ring variety) 
  • If you are anything like me, you probably have a few of these little gems running around unused in your house.  Don't fret!  These things are a gold mine of ways to organize yourself!
  • Some things I use mine for
    • Recipe Binders 
    • Business Organization 
    • Supply Keepers
    • Home Organization Binder 
    • Finance Binders 
    • Blog Idea Log 
    • and more ... (I promise a not so distant future post that will explain some of my systems for using binders in detail!)
Photo credit: Microsoft Office Image Search

#4 Mesh Cubes

  • These build-able blocks are so flexible!  I personally use them in the bottom portion of my closet to separate clothes and to corral socks that don't fit in our limited drawer space.  These are on my organizing top 10 simply because they are invaluable for those in small space living situations!
  • I think that I originally bought mine in college as an easy dorm living solution, but they are still proving valuable for me every single day (and I've been out of college for 4+ years!)

Build-able mesh cubes - I found mine at Target (picture also Target)
#5 Launching Station 

  • This is an idea that I borrowed from Simplify Your Time by Marcia Ramsland
  • Basically, it is where everything that I need for the next day is set out so it is ready for a quick get away when I'm ready to leave the house.   
My Launching Station

#6 Letter Trays 

  • I have several different sets of letter trays that I use both at work and in my home office. (photo also Amazon) 

#7 Magnetic List Notes 

  • 2 things that make these an invaluable organizing tool
    • The Magnet 
      • They attach to any magnetic surface including the fridge and file cabinets - this way there is always a piece of paper handy when you need one (an it eliminates the paper clutter of notepads everywhere without a home) 
    • The Price 
      • I buy them at the dollar store once a year. When I run out I spend $10 and am set for the year! 
      • There is really no need to buy expensive versions of these - they are so easy to find in the reduced bins at large chain stores, craft stores, and discount stores. 
My office file cabinet notes

# 8 Bookshelves 

  • Shelving of any kind is absolutely essential for small space living!  
  • Below you will see some pictures of my home office bookshelves, but rest assured shelving will come up again in later posts.

#9 Bins 

  • Fabric Bins with handles help to organize all sorts of different portions of my house; including the fridge, pantry, bookshelves and office furniture!
Picture from

#10 Mail Center 

  • Our Mail center is where all the mail comes in and gets sorted before ending up in its ultimate destination (usually the file cabinet)
    • Our mail center also has stamps, paper clips, phone books, a calendar, some envelopes, pens, scissors, and a file folder system that works for us ...
      • Make yours work for you and your family - feel free to use mine as an example of a place to start, and add hanging files or folders as deemed appropriate for your family!
  • One of the most important steps to a functional mail center is ensuring that each person empties their portions of the file system on a regular basis.  (If this doesn't happen, the mail center becomes a clutter center - yuck!) 

Everything In Place Please 

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